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Shareable Substrate types.


pub use serde;
pub use hashing::blake2_128;
pub use hashing::blake2_256;
pub use hashing::keccak_256;
pub use hashing::twox_128;
pub use hashing::twox_256;
pub use hashing::twox_64;
pub use self::hash::convert_hash;
pub use crypto::DeriveJunction;
pub use crypto::Pair;
pub use crypto::Public;
pub use sp_storage as storage;


Cryptographic utilities.


Simple Ed25519 API.

A fixed hash type.

Hashing functions.

Wrapper type for byte collections that outputs hex.

Offchain workers types

Definition of a sandbox environment.

Simple sr25519 (Schnorr-Ristretto) API.

Types that should only be used for testing!

Shareable Substrate traits.

An u32 trait with “values” as impl’d types.

An unsigned fixed-size integer.


Macro for creating Maybe* marker traits.

Initialize a key-value collection from array.

Macro for exporting functions from wasm in with the expected signature for using it with the wasm executor. This is useful for tests where you need to call a function in wasm.


Concrete implementation of Hasher using Blake2b 256-bit hashes

Hex-serialized shim for Vec<u8>.

Substrate changes trie configuration.

Substrate changes trie configuration range.

Fixed-size uninterpreted hash type with 20 bytes (160 bits) size.

Fixed-size uninterpreted hash type with 32 bytes (256 bits) size.

Fixed-size uninterpreted hash type with 64 bytes (512 bits) size.

Concrete implementation of Hasher using Keccak 256-bit hashes

Stores the encoded RuntimeMetadata for the native side as opaque type.

Simple blob to hold a PeerId without committing to its format.

Little-endian large integer type

Little-endian large integer type


Context for executing a call into the runtime.

A log level matching the one from log crate.

Log level filter that expresses which log levels should be filtered.

Something that is either a native or an encoded value.

A value that is never in a native representation. This is type is useful in conjunction with NativeOrEncoded.

The void type - it cannot exist.


The maximum number of bytes that can be allocated at one time.


Trait describing an object that can hash a slice of bytes. Used to abstract other types over the hashing algorithm. Defines a single hash method and an Out associated type with the necessary bounds.

Provide a simple 4 byte identifier for a type.

Derive Macros