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Aura (Authority-round) consensus in substrate.

Aura works by having a list of authorities A who are expected to roughly agree on the current time. Time is divided up into discrete slots of t seconds each. For each slot s, the author of that slot is A[s % |A|].

The author is allowed to issue one block but not more during that slot, and it will be built upon the longest valid chain that has been seen.

Blocks from future steps will be either deferred or rejected depending on how far in the future they are.

NOTE: Aura itself is designed to be generic over the crypto used.


A verifier for Aura blocks.

Parameters of build_aura_worker.

Parameters of build_verifier.

Parameters of import_queue.

Provides the slot duration inherent data for Aura.

A unit type wrapper to express the proportion of a slot.

Parameters of start_aura.


Should we check for equivocation of a block author?

An consensus log item for Aura.


The ConsensusEngineId of AuRa.

The Aura inherent identifier.


API necessary for block authorship with aura.

A digest item which is usable with aura consensus.

An oracle for when major synchronization work is being undertaken.


Build the aura worker.

Build the AuraVerifier

Start an import queue for the Aura consensus algorithm.

Get type of SlotDuration for Aura.

Start the aura worker. The returned future should be run in a futures executor.

Type Definitions

The type of the Aura inherent.

Slot duration type for Aura.