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Lowest-abstraction level for the Substrate runtime: just exports useful primitives from std or client/alloc to be used with any code that depends on the runtime. Substrate runtime standard library as compiled when linked with Rust’s standard library.


Memory allocation APIs.

This module implements the Any trait, which enables dynamic typing of any 'static type through runtime reflection.

A module for working with borrowed data.

A pointer type for heap allocation.

Shareable mutable containers.

The Clone trait for types that cannot be ‘implicitly copied’.

Functionality for ordering and comparison.

Traits for conversions between types.

The Default trait for types which may have meaningful default values.

Utilities for formatting and printing Strings.

Generic hashing support.

Composable external iteration.

Primitive traits and types representing basic properties of types.

Basic functions for dealing with memory.

Additional functionality for numerics.

Overloadable operators.

Prelude of common useful imports.

Manually manage memory through raw pointers.

Single-threaded reference-counting pointers. ‘Rc’ stands for ‘Reference Counted’.

Error handling with the Result type.

A dynamically-sized view into a contiguous sequence, [T].

Unicode string slices.

Useful synchronization primitives.

Temporal quantification.

A contiguous growable array type with heap-allocated contents, written Vec<T>.


Feature gate some code that should only be run when std feature is enabled.

Creates a Vec containing the arguments.


A target for core::write! macro - constructs a string in memory.