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Collection of common consensus specific implementations


pub use block_import::BlockCheckParams;
pub use block_import::BlockImport;
pub use block_import::BlockImportParams;
pub use block_import::ForkChoiceStrategy;
pub use block_import::ImportResult;
pub use block_import::ImportedAux;
pub use block_import::ImportedState;
pub use block_import::JustificationImport;
pub use block_import::JustificationSyncLink;
pub use block_import::StateAction;
pub use block_import::StorageChanges;
pub use import_queue::import_single_block;
pub use import_queue::BlockImportError;
pub use import_queue::BlockImportStatus;
pub use import_queue::BoxBlockImport;
pub use import_queue::BoxJustificationImport;
pub use import_queue::DefaultImportQueue;
pub use import_queue::ImportQueue;
pub use import_queue::IncomingBlock;
pub use import_queue::Link;
pub use import_queue::Verifier;


Block import helpers.

Import Queue primitive: something which can verify and import blocks.

Metering tools for consensus

Provides a generic wrapper around shared data. See SharedData for more information.


Interface to a basic block import queue that is importing blocks sequentially in a separate task, with plugable verification.

Implement Longest Chain Select implementation where ‘longest’ is defined as the highest number of blocks