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Substrate externalities abstraction

The externalities mainly provide access to storage and to registered extensions. Extensions are for example the keystore or the offchain externalities. These externalities are used to access the node from the runtime via the runtime interfaces.

This crate exposes the main Externalities trait.


Macro for declaring an extension that usable with Extensions.


Stores extensions that should be made available through the externalities.


Externalities error.


Marker trait for types that should be registered as Externalities extension.

Something that provides access to the Extensions store.

The Substrate externalities.

Extension for the Externalities trait.


Set the given externalities while executing the given closure. To get access to the externalities while executing the given closure with_externalities grants access to them. The externalities are only set for the same thread this function was called from.

Execute the given closure with the currently set externalities.