Trait sp_core::traits::CodeExecutor[][src]

pub trait CodeExecutor: Sized + Send + Sync + ReadRuntimeVersion + Clone + 'static {
    type Error: Display + Debug + Send + Sync + 'static;
    fn call<R: Codec + PartialEq, NC: FnOnce() -> Result<R, Box<dyn Error + Send + Sync>> + UnwindSafe>(
        ext: &mut dyn Externalities,
        runtime_code: &RuntimeCode<'_>,
        method: &str,
        data: &[u8],
        use_native: bool,
        native_call: Option<NC>
    ) -> (Result<NativeOrEncoded<R>, Self::Error>, bool); }
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Code execution engine.

Associated Types

Externalities error type.

Required methods

Call a given method in the runtime. Returns a tuple of the result (either the output data or an execution error) together with a bool, which is true if native execution was used.