Struct sc_executor::NativeExecutor[][src]

pub struct NativeExecutor<D> { /* fields omitted */ }

A generic CodeExecutor implementation that uses a delegate to determine wasm code equivalence and dispatch to native code when possible, falling back on WasmExecutor when not.


impl<D: NativeExecutionDispatch> NativeExecutor<D>[src]

pub fn new(
    fallback_method: WasmExecutionMethod,
    default_heap_pages: Option<u64>,
    max_runtime_instances: usize
) -> Self

Create new instance.


fallback_method - Method used to execute fallback Wasm code.

default_heap_pages - Number of 64KB pages to allocate for Wasm execution. Defaults to DEFAULT_HEAP_PAGES if None is provided.

Trait Implementations

impl<D: NativeExecutionDispatch> CallInWasm for NativeExecutor<D>[src]

impl<D: NativeExecutionDispatch> Clone for NativeExecutor<D>[src]

impl<D: NativeExecutionDispatch + 'static> CodeExecutor for NativeExecutor<D>[src]

type Error = Error

Externalities error type.

impl<D: NativeExecutionDispatch> RuntimeInfo for NativeExecutor<D>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<D> !RefUnwindSafe for NativeExecutor<D>

impl<D> Send for NativeExecutor<D> where
    D: Send

impl<D> Sync for NativeExecutor<D> where
    D: Sync

impl<D> Unpin for NativeExecutor<D> where
    D: Unpin

impl<D> !UnwindSafe for NativeExecutor<D>

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