[][src]Struct sp_state_machine::StateMachineStats

pub struct StateMachineStats {
    pub reads_modified: RefCell<u64>,
    pub bytes_read_modified: RefCell<u64>,
    pub writes_overlay: RefCell<u64>,
    pub bytes_writes_overlay: RefCell<u64>,

Accumulated usage statistics specific to state machine crate.


reads_modified: RefCell<u64>

Number of read query from runtime that hit a modified value (in state machine overlay).

bytes_read_modified: RefCell<u64>

Size in byte of read queries that hit a modified value.

writes_overlay: RefCell<u64>

Number of time a write operation occurs into the state machine overlay.

bytes_writes_overlay: RefCell<u64>

Size in bytes of the writes overlay operation.


impl StateMachineStats[src]

pub fn add(&self, other: &StateMachineStats)[src]

Accumulates some registered stats.

impl StateMachineStats[src]

pub fn tally_read_modified(&self, data_bytes: u64)[src]

Tally one read modified operation, of some length.

pub fn tally_write_overlay(&self, data_bytes: u64)[src]

Tally one write overlay operation, of some length.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for StateMachineStats[src]

impl Debug for StateMachineStats[src]

impl Default for StateMachineStats[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for StateMachineStats

impl Send for StateMachineStats

impl !Sync for StateMachineStats

impl Unpin for StateMachineStats

impl UnwindSafe for StateMachineStats

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