Trait sp_runtime::traits::StaticLookup[][src]

pub trait StaticLookup {
    type Source: Codec + Clone + PartialEq + Debug;
    type Target;
    fn lookup(s: Self::Source) -> Result<Self::Target, LookupError>;
fn unlookup(t: Self::Target) -> Self::Source; }

Means of changing one type into another in a manner dependent on the source type. This variant is different to Lookup in that it doesn’t (can cannot) require any context.

Associated Types

type Source: Codec + Clone + PartialEq + Debug[src]

Type to lookup from.

type Target[src]

Type to lookup into.

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Required methods

fn lookup(s: Self::Source) -> Result<Self::Target, LookupError>[src]

Attempt a lookup.

fn unlookup(t: Self::Target) -> Self::Source[src]

Convert from Target back to Source.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<A, B> StaticLookup for (A, B) where
    A: StaticLookup,
    B: StaticLookup<Source = A::Source, Target = A::Target>, 

Perform a StaticLookup where there are multiple lookup sources of the same type.

type Source = A::Source

type Target = A::Target

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impl<AccountId, AccountIndex> StaticLookup for AccountIdLookup<AccountId, AccountIndex> where
    AccountId: Codec + Clone + PartialEq + Debug,
    AccountIndex: Codec + Clone + PartialEq + Debug,
    MultiAddress<AccountId, AccountIndex>: Codec, 

type Source = MultiAddress<AccountId, AccountIndex>

type Target = AccountId

impl<T: Codec + Clone + PartialEq + Debug> StaticLookup for IdentityLookup<T>[src]

type Source = T

type Target = T

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