[][src]Trait sp_runtime::traits::AppVerify

pub trait AppVerify {
    type AccountId;
    pub fn verify<L: Lazy<[u8]>>(
        msg: L,
        signer: &Self::AccountId
    ) -> bool; }

Means of signature verification of an application key.

Associated Types

type AccountId

Type of the signer.

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Required methods

pub fn verify<L: Lazy<[u8]>>(&self, msg: L, signer: &Self::AccountId) -> bool

Verify a signature. Return true if signature is valid for the value.

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impl<S: Verify<Signer = <<T as AppKey>::Public as AppPublic>::Generic> + From<T>, T: Wraps<Inner = S> + AppKey + AppSignature + AsRef<S> + AsMut<S> + From<S>> AppVerify for T where
    <S as Verify>::Signer: IdentifyAccount<AccountId = <S as Verify>::Signer>,
    <<T as AppKey>::Public as AppPublic>::Generic: IdentifyAccount<AccountId = <<T as AppKey>::Public as AppPublic>::Generic>, 

type AccountId = <T as AppKey>::Public

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