Trait sp_api::CallApiAt[][src]

pub trait CallApiAt<Block: BlockT> {
    type StateBackend: StateBackend<HashFor<Block>>;
    fn call_api_at<'a, R: Encode + Decode + PartialEq, NC: FnOnce() -> Result<R, ApiError> + UnwindSafe>(
        params: CallApiAtParams<'a, Block, NC, Self::StateBackend>
    ) -> Result<NativeOrEncoded<R>, ApiError>;
fn runtime_version_at(
        at: &BlockId<Block>
    ) -> Result<RuntimeVersion, ApiError>; }
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Something that can call into the an api at a given block.

Associated Types

The state backend that is used to store the block states.

Required methods

Calls the given api function with the given encoded arguments at the given block and returns the encoded result.

Returns the runtime version at the given block.