Struct sc_service::config::ExtTransport[]

pub struct ExtTransport { /* fields omitted */ }

Implementation of Transport whose implementation is handled by some FFI.


impl ExtTransport

pub fn new(transport: Transport) -> ExtTransport

Creates a new ExtTransport that uses the given external Transport.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ExtTransport

impl Debug for ExtTransport

impl Transport for ExtTransport

type Output = Connection

The result of a connection setup process, including protocol upgrades. Read more

type Error = JsErr

An error that occurred during connection setup.

type Listener = Listen

A stream of Outputs for inbound connections. Read more

type ListenerUpgrade = Ready<Result<<ExtTransport as Transport>::Output, <ExtTransport as Transport>::Error>>

A pending Output for an inbound connection, obtained from the Listener stream. Read more

type Dial = Dial

A pending Output for an outbound connection, obtained from dialing. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ExtTransport

impl Send for ExtTransport

impl Sync for ExtTransport

impl Unpin for ExtTransport

impl UnwindSafe for ExtTransport

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impl<TTransport> TransportExt for TTransport where
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