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Service configuration.


Service configuration.

Execution strategies settings.

Implementation of Transport whose implementation is handled by some FFI.

A single request received by a peer on a request-response protocol.

Representation of a Multiaddr.

Address of a node, including its identity.

Network service configuration.

Extension to SetConfig for sets that aren’t the default set.

Configuration of the database of the client.

Response for an incoming request to be send by a request protocol handler.

Configuration of the Prometheus endpoint.

Configuration for a single request-response protocol.

Configuration for a set of nodes.

Callable object that execute tasks.

List of telemetry servers we want to talk to. Contains the URL of the server, and the maximum verbosity level.

Pool configuration options.


The base path that is used for everything that needs to be write on disk to run a node.

Where to find the database..

Strategy for executing a call into the runtime.

Block pruning settings.

Configuration of the client keystore.

The configuration of a node’s secret key, describing the type of key and how it is obtained. A node’s identity keypair is the result of the evaluation of the node key configuration.

Pruning mode.

Role of the local node.

Available RPC methods.

Type for tasks spawned by the executor.

Block body storage scheme.

Configuration for the transport layer.

Specification of different methods of executing the runtime Wasm code.