[][src]Trait frame_support::weights::GetDispatchInfo

pub trait GetDispatchInfo {
    fn get_dispatch_info(&self) -> DispatchInfo;

A Dispatchable function (aka transaction) that can carry some static information along with it, using the #[weight] attribute.

Required methods

fn get_dispatch_info(&self) -> DispatchInfo

Return a DispatchInfo, containing relevant information of this dispatch.

This is done independently of its encoded size.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<Address, Call, Signature, Extra> GetDispatchInfo for UncheckedExtrinsic<Address, Call, Signature, Extra> where
    Call: GetDispatchInfo,
    Extra: SignedExtension

Implementation for unchecked extrinsic.

impl<AccountId, Call, Extra> GetDispatchInfo for CheckedExtrinsic<AccountId, Call, Extra> where
    Call: GetDispatchInfo

Implementation for checked extrinsic.

impl<Call: Encode, Extra: Encode> GetDispatchInfo for TestXt<Call, Extra>[src]

Implementation for test extrinsic.

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