[][src]Trait frame_support::weights::PaysFee

pub trait PaysFee<T> {
    pub fn pays_fee(&self, _target: T) -> Pays;

Indicates if dispatch function should pay fees or not. If set to Pays::No, the block resource limits are applied, yet no fee is deducted.

Required methods

pub fn pays_fee(&self, _target: T) -> Pays[src]

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<T> PaysFee<T> for (Weight, DispatchClass, Pays)[src]

impl<T> PaysFee<T> for (Weight, DispatchClass)[src]

impl<T> PaysFee<T> for (Weight, Pays)[src]

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impl<Args, WD, CD> PaysFee<Args> for FunctionOf<WD, CD, Pays>[src]

impl<Args, WD, CD, PF> PaysFee<Args> for FunctionOf<WD, CD, PF> where
    PF: Fn(Args) -> Pays

impl<T> PaysFee<T> for Weight[src]

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