[][src]Struct sp_core::sr25519::Pair

pub struct Pair(_);

An Schnorrkel/Ristretto x25519 ("sr25519") key pair.


impl Pair[src]

pub fn from_entropy(entropy: &[u8], password: Option<&str>) -> (Pair, [u8; 32])[src]

Make a new key pair from binary data derived from a valid seed phrase.

This uses a key derivation function to convert the entropy into a seed, then returns the pair generated from it.

pub fn verify_deprecated<M: AsRef<[u8]>>(
    sig: &Signature,
    message: M,
    pubkey: &Public
) -> bool

Verify a signature on a message. Returns true if the signature is good. Supports old 0.1.1 deprecated signatures and should be used only for backward compatibility.

Trait Implementations

impl AsRef<Keypair> for Pair[src]

impl Clone for Pair[src]

impl CryptoType for Pair[src]

type Pair = Pair

The pair key type of this crypto.

impl From<Keypair> for Pair[src]

impl From<MiniSecretKey> for Pair[src]

impl From<SecretKey> for Pair[src]

impl Pair for Pair[src]

type Public = Public

The type which is used to encode a public key.

type Seed = [u8; 32]

The type used to (minimally) encode the data required to securely create a new key pair. Read more

type Signature = Signature

The type used to represent a signature. Can be created from a key pair and a message and verified with the message and a public key. Read more

type DeriveError = Infallible

Error returned from the derive function.

pub fn from_seed(seed: &[u8; 32]) -> Pair[src]

Make a new key pair from raw secret seed material.

This is generated using schnorrkel's Mini-Secret-Keys.

A MiniSecretKey is literally what Ed25519 calls a SecretKey, which is just 32 random bytes.

pub fn public(&self) -> Public[src]

Get the public key.

pub fn from_seed_slice(seed: &[u8]) -> Result<Pair, SecretStringError>[src]

Make a new key pair from secret seed material. The slice must be 32 bytes long or it will return None.

You should never need to use this; generate(), generate_with_phrase(), from_phrase()

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Pair[src]

impl Send for Pair[src]

impl Sync for Pair[src]

impl Unpin for Pair[src]

impl UnwindSafe for Pair[src]

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