Trait sc_service::InPoolTransaction[][src]

pub trait InPoolTransaction {
    type Transaction;
    type Hash;
    fn data(&self) -> &Self::Transaction;
fn hash(&self) -> &Self::Hash;
fn priority(&self) -> &u64;
fn longevity(&self) -> &u64;
fn requires(&self) -> &[Vec<u8, Global>];
fn provides(&self) -> &[Vec<u8, Global>];
fn is_propagable(&self) -> bool; }
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In-pool transaction interface.

The pool is container of transactions that are implementing this trait. See sp_runtime::ValidTransaction for details about every field.

Associated Types

Transaction type.

Transaction hash type.

Required methods

Get the reference to the transaction data.

Get hash of the transaction.

Get priority of the transaction.

Get longevity of the transaction.

Get transaction dependencies.

Get tags that transaction provides.

Return a flag indicating if the transaction should be propagated to other peers.

Implementations on Foreign Types