Trait sc_service::ChainSpecExtension[][src]

pub trait ChainSpecExtension: Serialize + DeserializeOwned + Clone {
    type Forks: IsForks;
    fn get<T>(&self) -> Option<&T>
        T: 'static
fn get_any(&self, t: TypeId) -> &(dyn Any + 'static);
fn get_any_mut(&mut self, t: TypeId) -> &mut (dyn Any + 'static); fn forks<BlockNumber, T>(&self) -> Option<Forks<BlockNumber, T>>
        T: Group + 'static,
        BlockNumber: Ord + Clone + 'static,
        <Self::Forks as IsForks>::Extension: Extension,
        <<Self::Forks as IsForks>::Extension as Group>::Fork: Extension
, { ... } }
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A collection of ChainSpec extensions.

This type can be passed around and allows the core modules to request a strongly-typed, but optional configuration.

Associated Types

Required methods

Get an extension of specific type.

Get an extension of specific type as reference to Any.

Get an extension of specific type as mutable reference to Any.

Provided methods

Get forkable extensions of specific type.

Implementations on Foreign Types