Trait sc_client_api::client::BlockchainEvents[][src]

pub trait BlockchainEvents<Block: BlockT> {
    fn import_notification_stream(&self) -> ImportNotifications<Block>;
fn finality_notification_stream(&self) -> FinalityNotifications<Block>;
fn storage_changes_notification_stream(
        filter_keys: Option<&[StorageKey]>,
        child_filter_keys: Option<&[(StorageKey, Option<Vec<StorageKey>>)]>
    ) -> Result<StorageEventStream<Block::Hash>>; }
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A source of blockchain events.

Required methods

Get block import event stream. Not guaranteed to be fired for every imported block.

Get a stream of finality notifications. Not guaranteed to be fired for every finalized block.

Get storage changes event stream.

Passing None as filter_keys subscribes to all storage changes.