[][src]Trait sp_runtime_interface::pass_by::PassByInner

pub trait PassByInner: Sized {
    type Inner: RIType;
    pub fn into_inner(self) -> Self::Inner;
pub fn inner(&self) -> &Self::Inner;
pub fn from_inner(inner: Self::Inner) -> Self; }

Trait that needs to be implemented by a type that should be passed between wasm and the host, by using the inner type. See Inner for more information.

Associated Types

type Inner: RIType[src]

The inner type that is wrapped by Self.

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Required methods

pub fn into_inner(self) -> Self::Inner[src]

Consumes self and returns the inner type.

pub fn inner(&self) -> &Self::Inner[src]

Returns the reference to the inner type.

pub fn from_inner(inner: Self::Inner) -> Self[src]

Construct Self from the given inner.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl PassByInner for H160[src]

type Inner = [u8; 20]

impl PassByInner for H256[src]

type Inner = [u8; 32]

impl PassByInner for H512[src]

type Inner = [u8; 64]

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