Struct sp_inherents::CheckInherentsResult[][src]

pub struct CheckInherentsResult { /* fields omitted */ }

The result of checking inherents.

It either returns okay for all checks, stores all occurred errors or just one fatal error.

When a fatal error occurs, all other errors are removed and the implementation needs to abort checking inherents.


impl CheckInherentsResult[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Create a new instance.

pub fn put_error<E: Encode + IsFatalError>(
    &mut self,
    identifier: InherentIdentifier,
    error: &E
) -> Result<(), Error>

Put an error into the result.

This makes this result resolve to ok() == false.


  • identifier - The identifier of the inherent that generated the error.
  • error - The error that will be encoded.

pub fn get_error<E: Decode>(
    identifier: &InherentIdentifier
) -> Result<Option<E>, Error>

Get an error out of the result.


  • Ok(Some(I)) if the error could be found and deserialized.
  • Ok(None) if the error could not be found.
  • Err(_) if the error could be found, but deserialization did not work.

pub fn into_errors(self) -> IntoIter<InherentIdentifier, Vec<u8>>[src]

Convert into an iterator over all contained errors.

pub fn ok(&self) -> bool[src]

Is this result ok?

pub fn fatal_error(&self) -> bool[src]

Is this a fatal error?

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for CheckInherentsResult[src]

impl Decode for CheckInherentsResult[src]

impl Default for CheckInherentsResult[src]

impl Encode for CheckInherentsResult[src]

impl EncodeLike<CheckInherentsResult> for CheckInherentsResult[src]

impl PartialEq<CheckInherentsResult> for CheckInherentsResult[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for CheckInherentsResult

impl Send for CheckInherentsResult

impl Sync for CheckInherentsResult

impl Unpin for CheckInherentsResult

impl UnwindSafe for CheckInherentsResult

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