[][src]Trait sp_consensus::CanAuthorWith

pub trait CanAuthorWith<Block: BlockT> {
    pub fn can_author_with(&self, at: &BlockId<Block>) -> Result<(), String>;

Checks if the current active native block authoring implementation can author with the runtime at the given block.

Required methods

pub fn can_author_with(&self, at: &BlockId<Block>) -> Result<(), String>[src]

See trait docs for more information.


  • Returns Ok(()) when authoring is supported.
  • Returns Err(_) when authoring is not supported.
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impl<Block: BlockT> CanAuthorWith<Block> for AlwaysCanAuthor[src]

impl<Block: BlockT> CanAuthorWith<Block> for NeverCanAuthor[src]

impl<T: GetRuntimeVersion<Block>, Block: BlockT> CanAuthorWith<Block> for CanAuthorWithNativeVersion<T>[src]

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