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Configuration of the networking layer.

The Params struct is the struct that must be passed in order to initialize the networking. See the documentation of Params.


pub use crate::warp_request_handler::WarpSyncProvider;


A node’s network identity keys.


Easy way for a user to create a Multiaddr.


Dummy implementation of FetchChecker that always assumes that responses are bad.

Dummy implementation of the TransactionPool trait for a transaction pool that is always empty and discards all incoming transactions.

Implementation of Transport whose implementation is handled by some FFI.

A single request received by a peer on a request-response protocol.

Address of a node, including its identity.

Network service configuration.

Extension to SetConfig for sets that aren’t the default set.

Implements the Fetcher trait of the client. Makes it possible for the light client to perform network requests for some state.

Response for an incoming request to be send by a request protocol handler.

Network initialization parameters.

Name of a protocol, transmitted on the wire. Should be unique for each chain. Always UTF-8.

Configuration for a single request-response protocol.

Configuration for a set of nodes.


The configuration of a node’s secret key, describing the type of key and how it is obtained. A node’s identity keypair is the result of the evaluation of the node key configuration.

The policy for connections to non-reserved peers.

Error that can be generated by parse_str_addr.

The public key of a node’s identity keypair.

Role of the local node.

The configuration options for obtaining a secret key K.

Sync operation mode.

Result of the transaction import.

Configuration for the transport layer.


Local client abstraction for the network.

Transaction pool interface


Splits a Multiaddress into a Multiaddress and PeerId.

Parses a string address and splits it into Multiaddress and PeerId, if valid.

Type Definitions

The options for obtaining a Ed25519 secret key.

Future resolving to transaction import result.