[][src]Struct sc_client_api::execution_extensions::ExecutionExtensions

pub struct ExecutionExtensions<Block: Block> { /* fields omitted */ }

A producer of execution extensions for offchain calls.

This crate aggregates extensions available for the offchain calls and is responsible for producing a correct Extensions object. for each call, based on required Capabilities.


impl<Block: Block> ExecutionExtensions<Block>[src]

pub fn new(
    strategies: ExecutionStrategies,
    keystore: Option<BareCryptoStorePtr>
) -> Self

Create new ExecutionExtensions given a keystore and ExecutionStrategies.

pub fn strategies(&self) -> &ExecutionStrategies[src]

Get a reference to the execution strategies.

pub fn set_extensions_factory(&self, maker: Box<dyn ExtensionsFactory>)[src]

Set the new extensions_factory

pub fn register_transaction_pool<T>(&self, pool: &Arc<T>) where
    T: OffchainSubmitTransaction<Block> + 'static, 

Register transaction pool extension.

pub fn manager_and_extensions<E: Debug, R: Codec>(
    at: &BlockId<Block>,
    context: ExecutionContext
) -> (ExecutionManager<DefaultHandler<R, E>>, Extensions)

Create ExecutionManager and Extensions for given offchain call.

Based on the execution context and capabilities it produces the right manager and extensions object to support desired set of APIs.

Trait Implementations

impl<Block: Block> Default for ExecutionExtensions<Block>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<Block> !RefUnwindSafe for ExecutionExtensions<Block>

impl<Block> Send for ExecutionExtensions<Block>

impl<Block> Sync for ExecutionExtensions<Block>

impl<Block> Unpin for ExecutionExtensions<Block>

impl<Block> !UnwindSafe for ExecutionExtensions<Block>

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