Trait sc_client_api::backend::RemoteBackend[][src]

pub trait RemoteBackend<Block: BlockT>: Backend<Block> {
    fn is_local_state_available(&self, block: &BlockId<Block>) -> bool;
fn remote_blockchain(&self) -> Arc<dyn RemoteBlockchain<Block>>; }

Mark for all Backend implementations, that are fetching required state data from remote nodes.

Required methods

fn is_local_state_available(&self, block: &BlockId<Block>) -> bool[src]

Returns true if the state for given block is available locally.

fn remote_blockchain(&self) -> Arc<dyn RemoteBlockchain<Block>>[src]

Returns reference to blockchain backend.

Returned backend either resolves blockchain data locally, or prepares request to fetch that data from remote node.

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impl<Block: BlockT> RemoteBackend<Block> for Backend<Block> where
    Block::Hash: Ord

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