[][src]Trait sc_chain_spec::Fork

pub trait Fork: Serialize + DeserializeOwned + Clone + Sized {
    type Base: Group<Fork = Self>;
    pub fn combine_with(&mut self, other: Self);
pub fn to_base(self) -> Option<Self::Base>; }

A ChainSpec extension fork definition.

Basically should look the same as Group, but all parameters are optional. This allows changing only one parameter as part of the fork. The forks can be combined (summed up) to specify a complete set of parameters

Associated Types

type Base: Group<Fork = Self>[src]

A base Group type.

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Required methods

pub fn combine_with(&mut self, other: Self)[src]

Combine with another struct.

All parameters set in other should override the ones in the current struct.

pub fn to_base(self) -> Option<Self::Base>[src]

Attempt to convert to the base type if all parameters are set.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Fork for Vec<u8>[src]

type Base = Vec<u8>

impl Fork for String[src]

type Base = String

impl Fork for usize[src]

type Base = usize

impl Fork for u64[src]

type Base = u64

impl Fork for u32[src]

type Base = u32

impl Fork for u16[src]

type Base = u16

impl Fork for u8[src]

type Base = u8

impl Fork for ()[src]

type Base = ()

impl<T: Fork> Fork for Option<T>[src]

type Base = Option<T::Base>

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