Module frame_support::traits::tokens::nonfungibles[][src]

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Traits for dealing with multiple collections of non-fungible assets.

This assumes a dual-level namespace identified by Inspect::InstanceId, and could reasonably be implemented by pallets which want to expose multiple independent collections of NFT-like objects.

For an NFT API which has single-level namespacing, the traits in nonfungible are better to use.

Implementations of these traits may be converted to implementations of corresponding nonfungible traits by using the nonfungible::ItemOf type adapter.


Trait for providing the ability to create classes of nonfungible assets.

Trait for providing an interface to many read-only NFT-like sets of asset instances.

Interface for enumerating assets in existence or owned by a given account over many collections of NFTs.

Trait for providing an interface for multiple classes of NFT-like assets which may be minted, burned and/or have attributes set on them.

Trait for providing a non-fungible sets of assets which can only be transferred.