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Traits and associated utilities for use in the FRAME environment.

NOTE: If you’re looking for parameter_types, it has moved in to the top-level module.


pub use tokens::currency::Currency;
pub use tokens::fungible;
pub use tokens::fungibles;
pub use tokens::imbalance::Imbalance;


Traits and associated utilities for scheduling dispatchables in FRAME.

Traits for working with tokens and their associated datastructures.


Adapter struct for turning an OrderedMembership impl into a Contains impl.

Some amount of backing from a group. The precise definition of what it means to “back” something is left flexible.

The function and pallet name of the Call.

Guard type for clearing all pushed constraints from a FilterStack and reinstating them when dropped.

Implement Get<u32> and Get<Option<u32>> using the given const.

Guard type for pushing a constraint to a FilterStack and popping when dropped.

Implement Get by returning Default for any type that implements Default.

Trivial utility for implementing Contains/OrderedMembership with a Vec.

A naive implementation of CurrencyConvert that simply saturates all conversions.

Metadata about storage from the runtime.

A shim for placing around a storage item in order to use it as a StoredValue. Ideally this wouldn’t be needed as StorageValues should blanket implement StoredValues, however this would break the ability to have custom impls of StoredValue. The other workaround is to implement it directly in the macro.

The storage version of a pallet.

An implementation of CurrencyToVote tailored for chain’s that have a balance type of u128.

Reasons for moving funds out of an account.


Status of funds.

A Contains implementation that contains every value.

Simple boolean for whether an account needs to be kept in existence.

A Contains implementation that contains no value.

Return type used when we need to return one of two items, each of the opposite direction or sign, with one (Same) being of the same type as the self or primary argument of the function that returned it.

Either a positive or a negative imbalance.


Prefix to be used (optionally) for implementing OnRuntimeUpgradeHelpersExt::storage_key.

The storage key postfix that is used to store the StorageVersion per pallet.


Trait for type that can handle incremental changes to a set of account IDs.

A trait for querying whether a type can be said to “contain” a value.

A trait for querying bound for the length of an implementation of Contains

A trait similar to Convert to convert values from B an abstract balance type into u64 and back from u128. (This conversion is used in election and other places where complex calculation over balance type is needed)

Trait used to check whether a given validator is currently disabled and should not be participating in consensus (e.g. because they equivocated).

A trait to ensure the inherent are before non-inherent in a block.

Some sort of check on the origin is performed by this object.

Something that can estimate the fee of a (frame-based) call.

Something that can estimate at which block scheduling of the next session will happen (i.e when we will try to fetch new validators).

Something that can estimate at which block the next session rotation will happen (i.e. a new session starts).

Something that can execute a given block.

An extrinsic on which we can get access to call.


Trait to add a constraint onto the filter.

A trait for finding the author of a block header based on the PreRuntime digests contained within it.

A trait to define the build function of a genesis config, T and I are placeholder for pallet trait and pallet instance.

A trait for querying a single value from a type.

Retrieve the backing from an object’s ref.

Gets the metadata for the Call - function name and pallet name.

Gets the function name of the Call.

Provides information about the storage version of a pallet.

A simple, generic one-parameter event notifier/handler.

The pallet hooks trait. Implementing this lets you express some logic to execute.

Trait for type that can handle the initialization of account IDs at genesis.

An instance of a pallet in the storage.

Simple trait for providing a filter over a reference to some type, given an instance of itself.

Type that provide some integrity tests.

Something that can be checked to be a of sub type T.

Trait to be used when types are exactly same.

Something which can compute and check proofs of a historical key owner and return full identification data of that key owner.

Trait to be used by block producing consensus engine modules to determine how late the current block is (e.g. in a slot-based proposal mechanism how many slots were skipped since the previous block).

Anything that can have a ::len() method.

A currency whose accounts can have liquidity restrictions.

Off-chain computation trait.

The block finalization trait.

A trait that will be called at genesis.

The block’s on idle trait.

The block initialization trait.

The account with the given id was reaped.

Handler for when a new account has been created.

The runtime upgrade trait.

Some helper functions for OnRuntimeUpgrade during try-runtime testing.

A trait which is called when the timestamp is set in the runtime.

Handler for when some currency “account” decreased in balance for some reason.

A session handler for specific key type.

Methods available on frame_system::Config::Origin.

Provides information about the pallet setup in the runtime.

Provides information about the pallet setup in the runtime.

Similar to StorageInfoTrait, a trait to give partial information about storage.

A trait that is able to provide randomness.

A currency where funds can be reserved from the user.

A trait for a set which can enumerate its members in order.

A trait to give information about storage.

An instance of a storage in a pallet.

An abstraction of a value stored within storage, but possibly as part of a larger composite item.

A type for which some values make sense to be able to drop without further consideration.

Type that can be dispatched with an origin but without checking the origin filter.

Trait to deal with unix time.

Implementors of this trait provide information about whether or not some validator has been registered with them. The Session module is an implementor.

A trait for online node inspection in a session.

ValidatorSet combined with an identification.

A trait for verifying the seal of a header and returning the author.

A vesting schedule over a currency. This allows a particular currency to have vesting limits applied to it.

Type Definitions


An identifier for a lock. Used for disambiguating different locks so that they can be individually replaced or removed.