[][src]Trait substrate_client::blockchain::ProvideCache

pub trait ProvideCache<Block: BlockT> {
    fn cache(&self) -> Option<Arc<dyn Cache<Block>>>;

Provides access to the optional cache.

Required methods

fn cache(&self) -> Option<Arc<dyn Cache<Block>>>

Returns data cache reference, if it is enabled on this backend.

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impl<B, E, Block, RA> ProvideCache<Block> for Client<B, E, Block, RA> where
    B: Backend<Block, Blake2Hasher>,
    Block: BlockT<Hash = H256>, 

impl<Block: BlockT> ProvideCache<Block> for substrate_client::in_mem::Blockchain<Block>[src]

impl<S: Storage<Block>, Block: BlockT> ProvideCache<Block> for substrate_client::light::blockchain::Blockchain<S>[src]

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