[][src]Struct srml_indices::SimpleResolveHint

pub struct SimpleResolveHint<AccountId, AccountIndex>(_);

Simple encode-based resolve hint implementation.

Trait Implementations

impl<AccountId: Encode, AccountIndex: From<u32>> ResolveHint<AccountId, AccountIndex> for SimpleResolveHint<AccountId, AccountIndex>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<AccountId, AccountIndex> Unpin for SimpleResolveHint<AccountId, AccountIndex> where
    AccountId: Unpin,
    AccountIndex: Unpin

impl<AccountId, AccountIndex> Sync for SimpleResolveHint<AccountId, AccountIndex> where
    AccountId: Sync,
    AccountIndex: Sync

impl<AccountId, AccountIndex> Send for SimpleResolveHint<AccountId, AccountIndex> where
    AccountId: Send,
    AccountIndex: Send

impl<AccountId, AccountIndex> RefUnwindSafe for SimpleResolveHint<AccountId, AccountIndex> where
    AccountId: RefUnwindSafe,
    AccountIndex: RefUnwindSafe

impl<AccountId, AccountIndex> UnwindSafe for SimpleResolveHint<AccountId, AccountIndex> where
    AccountId: UnwindSafe,
    AccountIndex: UnwindSafe

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