Enum sp_transaction_pool::TransactionSource[][src]

pub enum TransactionSource {

The source of the transaction.

Depending on the source we might apply different validation schemes. For instance we can disallow specific kinds of transactions if they were not produced by our local node (for instance off-chain workers).



Transaction is already included in block.

This means that we can’t really tell where the transaction is coming from, since it’s already in the received block. Note that the custom validation logic using either Local or External should most likely just allow InBlock transactions as well.


Transaction is coming from a local source.

This means that the transaction was produced internally by the node (for instance an Off-Chain Worker, or an Off-Chain Call), as opposed to being received over the network.


Transaction has been received externally.

This means the transaction has been received from (usually) “untrusted” source, for instance received over the network or RPC.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for TransactionSource[src]

impl Copy for TransactionSource[src]

impl Debug for TransactionSource[src]

impl Decode for TransactionSource[src]

impl Encode for TransactionSource[src]

impl EncodeLike<TransactionSource> for TransactionSource[src]

impl Eq for TransactionSource[src]

impl MallocSizeOf for TransactionSource[src]

impl PartialEq<TransactionSource> for TransactionSource[src]

impl StructuralEq for TransactionSource[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for TransactionSource[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for TransactionSource

impl Send for TransactionSource

impl Sync for TransactionSource

impl Unpin for TransactionSource

impl UnwindSafe for TransactionSource

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