[][src]Enum sp_api::OffchainOverlayedChanges

pub enum OffchainOverlayedChanges {
    Enabled(HashMap<(Vec<u8>, Vec<u8>), OffchainOverlayedChange, RandomState>),

In-memory storage for offchain workers recoding changes for the actual offchain storage implementation.



Writing overlay changes to the offchain worker database is disabled by configuration.

Enabled(HashMap<(Vec<u8>, Vec<u8>), OffchainOverlayedChange, RandomState>)

Overlay changes can be recorded using the inner collection of this variant, where the identifier is the tuple of (prefix, key).


impl OffchainOverlayedChanges[src]

pub fn disabled() -> OffchainOverlayedChanges[src]

Create the disabled variant.

pub fn enabled() -> OffchainOverlayedChanges[src]

Create the enabled variant.

pub fn into_iter(self) -> OffchainOverlayedChangesIntoIter[src]

Consume the offchain storage and iterate over all key value pairs.

pub fn iter(&'a self) -> OffchainOverlayedChangesIter<'a>[src]

Iterate over all key value pairs by reference.

pub fn drain<'a, 'd>(&'a mut self) -> OffchainOverlayedChangesDrain<'d> where
    'a: 'd, 

Drain all elements of changeset.

pub fn remove(&mut self, prefix: &[u8], key: &[u8])[src]

Remove a key and its associated value from the offchain database.

pub fn set(&mut self, prefix: &[u8], key: &[u8], value: &[u8])[src]

Set the value associated with a key under a prefix to the value provided.

pub fn get(&self, prefix: &[u8], key: &[u8]) -> Option<OffchainOverlayedChange>[src]

Obtain a associated value to the given key in storage with prefix.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for OffchainOverlayedChanges[src]

impl Debug for OffchainOverlayedChanges[src]

impl Default for OffchainOverlayedChanges[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for OffchainOverlayedChanges

impl Send for OffchainOverlayedChanges

impl Sync for OffchainOverlayedChanges

impl Unpin for OffchainOverlayedChanges

impl UnwindSafe for OffchainOverlayedChanges

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