[][src]Enum sc_service::client::light::blockchain::LocalOrRemote

pub enum LocalOrRemote<Data, Request> {

Remote header.



When data is available locally, it is returned.


When data is unavailable locally, the request to fetch it from remote node is returned.


When data is unknown.

Trait Implementations

impl<Data, Request> Debug for LocalOrRemote<Data, Request> where
    Data: Debug,
    Request: Debug

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<Data, Request> RefUnwindSafe for LocalOrRemote<Data, Request> where
    Data: RefUnwindSafe,
    Request: RefUnwindSafe

impl<Data, Request> Send for LocalOrRemote<Data, Request> where
    Data: Send,
    Request: Send

impl<Data, Request> Sync for LocalOrRemote<Data, Request> where
    Data: Sync,
    Request: Sync

impl<Data, Request> Unpin for LocalOrRemote<Data, Request> where
    Data: Unpin,
    Request: Unpin

impl<Data, Request> UnwindSafe for LocalOrRemote<Data, Request> where
    Data: UnwindSafe,
    Request: UnwindSafe

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