[][src]Function sc_light::call_executor::check_execution_proof_with_make_header

pub fn check_execution_proof_with_make_header<Header, E, H, MakeNextHeader>(
    executor: &E,
    spawn_handle: Box<dyn SpawnNamed>,
    request: &RemoteCallRequest<Header>,
    remote_proof: StorageProof,
    make_next_header: MakeNextHeader
) -> ClientResult<Vec<u8>> where
    E: CodeExecutor + Clone + 'static,
    H: Hasher,
    Header: HeaderT,
    H::Out: Ord + Codec + 'static,
    MakeNextHeader: Fn(&Header) -> Header, 

Check remote contextual execution proof using given backend and header factory.

Method is executed using passed header as environment' current block. Proof should include both environment preparation proof and method execution proof.