[][src]Trait pallet_contracts::TrieIdGenerator

pub trait TrieIdGenerator<AccountId> {
    fn trie_id(account_id: &AccountId) -> TrieId;

Get a trie id (trie id must be unique and collision resistant depending upon its context). Note that it is different than encode because trie id should be collision resistant (being a proper unique identifier).

Required methods

fn trie_id(account_id: &AccountId) -> TrieId

Get a trie id for an account, using reference to parent account trie id to ensure uniqueness of trie id.

The implementation must ensure every new trie id is unique: two consecutive calls with the same parameter needs to return different trie id values.

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impl<T: Trait> TrieIdGenerator<<T as Trait>::AccountId> for TrieIdFromParentCounter<T> where
    T::AccountId: AsRef<[u8]>, 

This generator uses inner counter for account id and applies the hash over AccountId + accountid_counter.

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